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Above is the picture of an advertisement that Sliders fans thought would haunt them for the rest of time. In the back of the final Acclaim Sliders comic, "Deadly Secrets," was a small next issue box that proclaimed the February 1997 release of a 40 page Sliders comics special, "Get a Life." The comic never appeared on comic stands.

Financial difficulties in Acclaim's comics division had finally led to some trimming. They simply didn't believe there were enough orders for the Sliders special to justify an allocation of their limited resources. So, the latest Sliders project was scrapped; but not before a script and fourteen pages of artwork were completed. Until now, these materials were lost to the computer hard drives and filing cabinets of the writer and artist; but no more.

After over two years of relentless searching, I have finally uncovered the full story on this unpublished Sliders comic. And in an exclusive to this website, "Get a Life" will finally see the light of day. A very special thanks goes out to writer Andy Mangels for supplying the script, and to Erik Matthews who contacted Andy and passed along the story to me. Be sure to visit Andy's site at Also, I can never thank Donna and "Rags" Morales enough for allowing me access to the finished artwork. I also want to thank Joe Petrilak for helping me finally find a way to contact them. Joe is the webmaster of an incredible Valiant comics archive at Without the help of these people, we would be left with an unsolved mystery for eternity.

So without further ado, I proudly present "Get a Life." Below is a summary of the full story and the images of the 14 completed pages of artwork. Click on each page of artwork to find an enlarged version of the art along with the script page the artist read in order to create the images. That script information will explain what would have been present in the word balloons had the comic been completed. You will also find a "Previous" and "Next" link at the bottom of each enlarged page so that you don't have to return to this main menu in order to view the 14 pages.

"Get a Life"
Script by Andy Mangels
Art by Rags Morales
Summary by TemporalFlux

After five years of unprecedented success, a special edition of the original Sliders movie has been released to theaters nationwide. To mark the event, the stars of Sliders were brought to Mann's Chinese Theater so that their hand and foot prints could be immortalized next to the legends of Hollywood. Fate had something else in mind to mark the occasion, though. On this day, the sliders would come home.

Arriving in the middle of a media event was not something the sliders were accustomed to; but arriving in the middle of a media event in their honor was something the sliders had never even imagined. Thousands of loving fans swarmed the group as they got to their feet. If not for security whisking the sliders away, things may have gotten out of control quickly.

Almost as quickly as they arrived, the sliders found themselves at a massive estate where all their questions would be answered. The estate was TerraSlider Ranch, and the owner was one Conrad Bennish Jr. Apparently after Quinn became lost, Bennish tried to help Quinn's mother locate her son. Unfortunately, Bennish's review of Quinn's notes led to no breakthroughs. As a consolation, Bennish began to compile his knowledge into a novel based on the true story. This was before he met Gillian, however.

Gillian (a double of the same we met in "Gillian of the Spirits"), sometimes worked for the San Francisco police department as a psychic. With the sliders case yielding no results, one of the more open minded officers brought Gillian on board to see what she could find. She did find the sliders; but she also found an amazing adventure in the process. After meeting Bennish as part of the search, Gillian shared her visions with Bennish; and a multi-million dollar motion picture was born.

The sliders were elated at this news. These were the circumstances by which they were lost! Could they finally be home? Bennish strengthened that argument with a special surprise. Bennish and Gillian only felt it right to include the sliders' families in the wealth the movies brought about. After revealing this, Bennish opened a door in front of the sliders which revealed that the sliders' families were all there at the ranch too. The outpouring of love from the reunion laid any doubts to rest; the sliders just knew they have to be finally be home.

Unfortunately, the sliders very public entrance slide attracted more than just the attention of Bennish. Ever since the sliders became lost, the FBI had a special interest in what Quinn Mallory was doing in his basement. The problem was that they never had the key...until now. With the sliders return, the timer returned with them; and the FBI finally had their key. All they had to do was plan a way to get the device...

The next day for the sliders was a whirlwind of agents, public relations people, and reporters. For Rembrandt, Artie managed to actually set up a pay per view concert event in Candlestick Park. Wade also managed to land for herself an almost immediate guest appearance on Conan O'Brien; while Quinn and Arturo were still weighing their options. These options proved the most heavy to weigh out of the group since Quinn and Arturo had discerned the truth. They had only been sliding for a little over two years. There was no way a movie about their adventures could have been made five years ago. The sliders had not found their home after all.

Quinn tried to break the news to the other sliders, but they weren't willing to listen. Wade and Rembrandt immediately brought up how Quinn did this every time they seemed to get home (remembering "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome"); and both Wade and Remmy even go so far as to suggest that it doesn't matter if they really weren't home. This world was close enough. Arturo had similar feelings but a different argument. After all, this world would offer a safe way to research how to really get home as opposed to research during the perils of sliding uncontrollably.

Quinn was obviously distraught by his friends' reactions, but the entertainment machine of Sliders wouldn't let him rest. Gillian convinced both Quinn and Arturo to take on disguises and visit a Sliders convention in order to see what their adventures had inspired; and what a sight it was to behold. The auditorium was filled with Sliders T-shirts, Sliders posters, Sliders action figures, Sliders candy, Sliders cards, Timer replicas; anything and everything that could be done concerning the concept. Even Tracy Tormé and Robert K. Weiss were in attendance (the creators of a TV show to be based on the movies). Quinn was amazed by all of this. In his mind, the treatment of Sliders was even more intense than Star Trek fandom back on Earth Prime. Ironically, Gillian hasn't even heard of that old 60's show ever having a convention. Before leaving the convention, Quinn took special interest in the card set which was based on Gillian's visions. The final card of the series featured some men in black who were trying to steal the timer. Both Quinn and Arturo didn't recall this ever happening; so as a safety precaution, Quinn made certain to buy one of the realistic timer replicas on his way out the convention door.

The lives of the other sliders rocked on. Wade's appearance on Conan O'Brien was a smash. The highlight of the evening was when she told the other guest of the evening, Mel Tormé, how he was a country singer on one world. The mention of that fact led Mel to immediately burst into an impromptu rendition of "Momma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Sliders." The high of the moment would not last for long, though. Immediately after walking off stage, Wade was met by a group of men in black who abducted her. Rembrandt had similar luck in Candlestick Park. As the concert was gearing up to begin, men in black appeared back stage under the guise of Tina Turner's agents (claiming she wanted to do a duet). The only duet Remmy ended up with was in custody with Wade. The culmination of the abduction spree would come at a scientific press conference Quinn and Arturo had promised to give on the fundamentals of sliding. They would only make it halfway through the talk before the lights would be cut and knock-out gas would fill the room. The FBI had now completed their own special Sliders collection.

Now in an undisclosed location, the FBI began their interrogation of the quantum quartet. The crux of the discussion hinged on one simple fact: "Make the timer work." The men in black shoved the timer in Arturo's face, but Arturo could only hesitantly offer that the "power source" was missing from the timer for some reason. The agents then turned to Quinn. Quinn was untied and allowed to replace the power component, but he cautioned the agents that they would never have any luck opening a slide tunnel without his counsel. Quinn proposed that the agents let his friends go, and he would help them get the timer to work. The FBI was not interested in this. They believed they knew all they needed from Quinn's notes.

Now seeing that there was no other hope, Quinn used the opportunity to charge the agents; but he was stopped almost instantly. All Quinn could do was watch as the main agent fiddled with the timer; and to Quinn's utter shock, a vortex opened! This was no ordinary vortex, though. Immediately upon opening, a huge blast of water shot forth from the interdimensional hole and swept everyone in the room off their feet. Four wet suited figures also fell from the portal; they were doubles of our sliders! With the FBI waterlogged, the newly arrived sliders made short work of them and saved our group from their captivity.

As the sliders talk with themselves, they discovered that this new group just came from a world almost completely covered in water. In fact, Wade's double explained how they just helped someone who looked like Kevin Costner find the only land on the planet. As they discussed further, it was also revealed that this new group had been sliding for five years. By all appearances, this new group were the sliders meant for this world; they had finally made it home.

With their lives now lost to the multiverse again, the sliders were forced to continue their journey through the myriad of alternate earths; but what of their timer? In all the confusion, the FBI agent who held their timer had slipped away. Quinn could only answer that quandary with a smile. The agent had only escaped with a, not the timer. The sliders departed their fame and fortune and land on a world of total political correctness; but what will the sliders be when they really do make it home? Will they be celebrities or just missing persons? In the end, does it matter? They will have always been Sliders.

Meanwhile in a secret location on Fan World, an FBI agent was left to explain to his cigarette smoking superior why the timer was no longer working. His superior already knew why. The timer on his desk was nothing more than a replica made by Icons. The power source Mallory replaced was nothing but AA batteries. The cigarette smoking man was not upset as he snubbed out his cigarette in a Sliders ash tray, though. After all, they had just exchanged one group of sliders for another; and this new group couldn't even comprehend the troubles they were going to face now.

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